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How soon can I start the rehab programme post-natal?

If you have had a straight forward birth we recommend waiting until after your 6 week check with your Doctor to start the programme. If you have had a C-Section we recommend waiting until at least 12 weeks post op and always after you have had clearance from your Doctor.

Can I do the programme if I haven't had a baby?

Yes! The rehab programme is for both men & women that experience core and/or pelvic floor dysfunction – symptoms including: low back pain, abdominal weakness or doming, incontinence, pelvic pressure/heaviness, diastasisrecti, or prolapse. It doesn’t matter whether you have had a baby – the rehab will help to strengthen your core & pelvic floor, flatten your stomach, & restore any core dysfunction.

Will the programme help with prolapse?

Yes it can do – a vaginal prolapse usually occurs if the pelvic floor is weak and there has been an increase in intra-abdominal pressure for example - birth. The way the rehab helps to address prolapse is to strengthen your transverse abdominis and your pelvic floor muscles. Always have your Doctor or women’s health physiotherapist check a prolapse or symptoms of a prolapse before starting a rehab programme.

Will the programme help a diastasis recti?

Yes it will due to strengthening the deep core and pelvic floor muscles.


What equipment is needed?

The course can be done at home with minimal equipment:

  • small exercise ball – can be a small toy ball also.
  • circular resistance band or scarf etc.
  • long resistance band.
  • light to medium dumbbells (you can use items from around your house instead – eg water bottle.)
  • Chair

I have a personal medical concern

As much as we understand your concern & need for answers – we must ask that you appreciate we cannot comment on any individual circumstances & that you seek medical advice from your doctor. We are unable to provide medical advice, opinion, diagnosis, treatment or medical services of any kind.

If you are in any pain before, during or after exercise we request you stop immediately and consult your doctor.

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